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Puffle Party 2016!

Hey Guys the Puffle Party is here!

This party, includes all the puffles known!! Read the rest of this entry

Cp Reunion Party 2015!

Hey guys! So I got lots of pictures of the Cp Reunion! Rsnail gave me a postcard twice! I saw about everyone of the first creators/developers of Cp. Well heres the pictures!

This is a picture of Rsnail clicking my player-card and sending me a postcard!

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Operation Crustacean

Hey guys a NEW EPF Operation will be out soon! Herbert has set out and got a UFO, the picture in the lodge attic with the UFO over the Berg, well thats the case!



Awesome 10th Anniversary Mascot Meetup!

Hey Guys, this awesome mascot meetup on the server Sherbet with Rookie, Sensei, Gary, Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Cadence, Dot  and PH, the penguin band and herbert were not there. Here are some pictures of the event!

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10th Anniversary Party!!!

Hey Everyone This is the 10th Anniversary party of Club Penguin!!!

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2 Parties 2 Devices? New Flower Pin

Hey Everyone, Zuke here,

An interesting announcement, 2 parties at the same time but on different devices. On clubpenguin mod Megg’s post, click here to read it, is showing that there is going to be a party on the ClubPenguin App, celebrating the Rainbow Puffle, On May 21st to June 3rd.

The other party is on the computer, It comes every year, The Fair!

The Fair has the same looks as the one last year, there will be new items, and there should be new rooms for the party.Party is at May 21st to June 3rd

Megg stated on her post, “P.S. We’ve got an epic announcement about the rainbow puffles and sneak peek of a new area of the Amazement park coming later this week! Ninja’s just adding a few of the final touches as you’re reading this.”

Dose this mean that there will be a new room, since the provided picture looks identical to the one last year, and will the rainbow puffle room be a permanent room for the ClubPenguin App? What do you think?

There is a new Flower Pin at the Mine


New Wild Puffle Expedition 2015 – Walkthrough

Hey Guys FrozenZuke here, And Im about to show you how complete the New 2015 Wild Puffle Expedition!!!

You Are Given A Backpack!

A New Room!

Fish But you have to go to the Ski Lodge To get Fish, The Puffle Handler says that you need to get fish from ski Lodge.

Have a new Rod that you are able to get later.

While I was playing, This Happened. So we have to Go back to the forest.

In the forest This is a “Puffle”

Food! *Note* You can only Carry 1 peace of food in your backpack at a time.

If you use the Cheese  

If You Use the Ice

If you use the Marshmallow

If you use the Coffee

If you use the Sandwich 

If you use a Pinecone 

Well um……A Puffle Stone?

Pink Berries  

Green Berries 

Orange Berries-O’berry 

Red Berries

Yellow Berries  *Note* You are not able to choose a color on this puffle.

A New Message! We have to go back to the Ski Lodge!

We have to collect the rod!

Now We can Fish in the Pond! 

Click the pond you you get a Fish! Lets bring it back to forest were we discovered the Wild Puffles.



And Thats How You Complete The 2014 Wild Puffle Expedition On ClubPenguin.

See Ya Later!

Club Penguin Puffle Party Task 4: Getting the Rainbow Puffle!

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. It’s time to do the last task for the Puffle Party on Club Penguin!


Walk one of your puffles, click “go there”, and click one of the lounging chairs to have it take a snooze.


Collect the 150 coins and the Spa Towel for members.



As a bonus, everyone can get the Gourmet O’Berries.


Members can also get… the Rainbow Puffle!


In the same room, click the cannon to go to the Rainbow Puffle cloud.


Click the purple rock, and a rainbow puffle will “choose you”.


Now you can name it and adopt it!



Just for adopting the puffle, you will get it’s favorite toy, which is just a cloud.


Also, its favorite food seems to be pizza. Anyways, I remember when people would photoshop fake rainbow puffles and claim they were real, but now of course they’re a reality! There aren’t really any colors they haven’t used for puffles yet now, except maybe navy blue…

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin Puffle Party: Task 3

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Time to take care of the 3rd task for the Club Penguin Puffle Party!


Walk your puffle and click “go there”. Then click the seats under the food sign to feed it.




Collect the 150 coins and the Puffle Hotel Cap (for members).




That’s all for today.

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013: Task 2

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. There’s a new task for the Club Penguin Puffle Party available today!


Make sure you have your puffle with you and click “go there”. Then click one of the chairs to give your puffle a good grooming.


Non-members can collect 150 coins, and members can get the Puffle Groomer Outfit as well!


Have a nice day!

~Lorenzo Bean