How To Become A Snow Ninja

NOTE: To Become a Snow Ninja, you must be a black belt ninja first. If you are not a black belt ninja, click here how to become one.

To become a snow ninja you must battle the snow minions in Card-Jitsu Snow to earn points, progress, and collect all 16 Snow Ninja items + unlock the 8 movie clips.

To get started head over to the Card-Jitsu Snow Dojo, choose your element and battle the snow minions.

In this game all you have to do is move by picking a blue square…

… and once you’re close enough to the enemy, attack them by selecting a red target.

The goal is to defeat all the snow minions during the 3 rounds. For each round you complete you’ll receive points to earn your next reward and so on…

… until you’ve unlocked the snow gem.

Impressive! Take this Snow Gem and wear it proudly. You are ready to battle a master.

Once you’ve collected the Snow Gem you’re ready to battle Tusk – master of Snow.

Go to Tusk’s cave. The time has come to face our greatest challenge. Together!

Go to Tusk’s cave and challenge him. As any other challenge, it’ll take a few battles to defeat Tusk so don’t get discouraged!

Once you’ve defeated Tusk the last of 8 clips will play. Tusk will melt and you will his cloak will be added to your items.

Congratulations! You’re now a Snow Ninja. Future adventures await…

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