Club Penguin Cheats

Unfortunately, almost all of the cheats were disabled when the big update was made. There are still some left though, and there are some new cheats and glitches. You can no longer nub, do a special dance without the clothes, edit other penguin’s igloos, turn off sound on CP, do the 0 coin glitch, or have a puffle with no name.

Cheat 1: Walk on doors and paths

-Click on a door or path out of the room you are in, then click the mail icon before you reach the door or path

-Wait for a few seconds, then close the mail desk thing and you will be standing on the door or path!

Cheat 2: Access expert levels on Astro Barrier

-Wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears

Cheat 3: Get a free life on Astro Barrier

-On level 7 when the screen tells you about the blue bars and enemies, click one of the examples

Cheat 4: Skip to levels 10, 20, or 30 in Astro Barrier

-After you click start on Astro Barrier, press 1 to skip to level 10, 2 to skip to level 20, or 3 to skip to level 30

Cheat 5: Pixelated Club Penguin:

-This distorts the screen slightly, and makes CP run normal speed if there is lagging. Just press = when you are not in the chatbar

Cheat 6: Sit forward (or any other direction)

-Move your cursor in the direction you want your penguin to sit and press “s”

Cheat 7: Get the big fish in Ice Fishing

-When you see the big red fish appear in the distance, use the smaller fish as bait!

Cheat 8: Dessert mode on Pizzatron3000

-Click the small red lever near the bottom right corner of the screen when you are at the start menu

Cheat 9: Get 1000 coins on Jet Pack Adventure

-Don’t collect ANY coins. This is pretty hard and not the fastest way to get lots of coins, however

Cheat 10: Get a Rainbow Bracelet

-Turn to the last page on “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” book in the book room and it will be sitting there waiting for you to collect it. It’s available for nonmembers too

Cheat 11: Surfing Puffle

-Take your red puffle for a walk, then go play the surfing game. The puffle will be surfing with you!

Cheat 12: Hydro Hopper penguin in binoculars

-Go to the cove and click on the binoculars on the lifeguard chair to look through them

-Wait 10 seconds, and a penguin will go zooming by on an inner tube from the Hydro Hopper game

Cheat 13: Secret Emotes

-When not in the chatbar, press “EM” for the coin emote, “EN” for the moon and stars emote, “EP” for the puffle emote, “EI” for the igloo emote, “EQ” for the strawberry ice cream cone emote, “EW” for the chocolate ice cream cone emote, “ED” for the sun emote, and “ET” for a music note emote (also makes a farting sound which is probably the penguin singing)

Cheat 14: Have more than 100 buddies

-Currently, there is a bug that allows you to have over 100 buddies without doing anything special. It’s from the big update. But here’s the cheat anyway. Once you have 95-99 buddies, ask alot of penguins to be your buddy. If enough of them answered yes, then you will have over 100 buddies

Cheat 15: Throw snowballs really fast

-When you are not in the chatbar, press “T” on your keyboard, then click where you want to throw, and repeat rapidly. Sometimes it doesn’t show up that fast on other penguin’s screens

Cheat 16: Snowballs from the ground

-Throw a snowball, and as soon as your penguin bends down, move away. The snowball will appear to be thrown from the ground. This can be combined with the cheat above

Cheat 17: Wave really fast

-When you are not in the chatbar, press “W” really fast. If you have the handbell, you can ring the bell very rapidly

Cheat 18: Location meanings

-Click the find button on a buddy card when they are online. If it says they are hiding, it means they are in the Agent HQ. If it says they are on an adventure, it means they are doing a mission

Cheat 20: Mancala and find four glitch

-When you click the game, and the sign appears that asks you if you want to play, click yes rapidly. Your penguin will walk away and be playing the game from a distance!

  1. this is soo cool i wanted to know how to go under the chat bar!!!

  2. i can not find the glitch #5 i did it it did not work!!!!!!!!

  3. i have a glitch its called big rainbow bracelet of doom wat u do is go to book room above coffee shop sit in the big chair in thebottom left hand corner then click the stairs to go to coffee shop and then quickly go to the back of the book called rockhopper and the stow away click the bracelet then dont click Yes or No and u will have the bracelet on ur screen until u log off or until u do the cheat and this time press Yes or No

  4. Awesome!! this stuff is cool,

    But #1 and #3 Didn’t work for me. Giggles – that Rhymes!

    – Mesecurity

  5. Well they should now lol

  6. ha ha i found one its sooo funny
    1. go to the dock
    2.QUICKLY!!! click on the game test of strength then quickly click on your igloo button you will go to your igloo and a message will show up click yes then play the game really quick when done try to click quit and watch!
    3. click log off!

  7. arrrrrgh!!! these be cool cheats and be realy useful

    your best freind rockhopper arrrgh!!!

  8. No. 9 didn’t work


  10. errrrr….wow ^^^

  11. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. cool cheats thanks i have my own blog too yours is really nice!!

  13. my blog is theres more cheats there!! its not as good as this blog its just normal i have no pictures nothing but still i have posted cheats 🙂

  14. the music note is actually the penguin passing wind…

  15. I know all the cheats Im over 300 days old and a member My username iz Joe 784 WITH OVER 100 BUDDIES

  16. what was the 0 coin one.

  17. They all worked exept for the jet pack one and the last one didn’t make sents to me but thanks for the red fish one! I ♥ it .I feel popular but remember… CHEESE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ty dude ur cheats are really good not really good they rock ty a lot thy really work


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  22. if you want to walk away from ski hill mankala and find four play the game press your mail press trash then press x in back then walk

  23. i want to know how to turn into a puffle

  24. its too bad they disabled the cheats. that’s so sad. hunmmph. BUT THERES STILL ALOT. D: They disabelsd

  25. Can u get banned by advertising other websites on cp?

  26. omg where is the tiara i really want it oh so badly !!!!!!!!!

  27. Austin Hoops

    Thx for information.

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