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Club Penguin Blog: What’s Coming in February

Hey guys!

It’s now February, so to get us hyped Megg has posted her monthly puzzle with key words relating to what’s to come this month! This month we have to unscramble nine phrases.

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ClubHerbert Update! 

Club Herbert has updated

Current Picture:

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Will French Be The Next Language on Club Penguin to Get the Boot?

Back in September, Club Penguin took down the German and Russian versions of the game, and, if history repeats itself, French may be the next one to go.

Last month when Rockhopper was visiting Club Penguin I noticed something kind of strange: Club Penguin gave out meetup times for all the languages except French. Maybe they forgot? Unlikely, but who knows.

Now Gary’s visiting for the Prehistoric Party, and a week into it, and still no sign of meetup times for him in French servers. Only English, Spanish, and Portuguese. There’s more to the overall picture, though. No submitted comments are being approved, either. Trainman1405 tweeted Conige on Twitter about the issues with the language.

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Club Penguin Best of 2015 Mash-Up Video

Hey guys!

After some anticipation in the Club Penguin community… Club Penguin has finished putting the final touches on their best of 2015 mash-up video and released it today! It features different Club Penguin songs mixed together alongside clips from throughout the past year. There are also some quick sneak peeks of #ProjectSuperSecret…

Check it out:

Well, what do you think of 2015?! Its time for a new year of 2016, the beginning.

Bye for now,


Whats coming this January! 2016

Hey guys, so Club Penguin released a crossword puzzle! What will you find?


Fun Fact: Polo Field

Polo Field also known as Chris Gliddon was a former Club Penguin Moderator who was in charge of the Community and Social Media areas of Club Penguin, answering fan comments, and working on blog posts and videos. He was hired as a community support rep in 2006 by Gizmo, and was later then hired as a member of the development team by Rsnail in July 2007.

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Fun Fact: Chattabox

Chattabox aka Hollie is a penguin who sometimes posts on the What’s New Blog. She works in the Club Penguin Australian Office in Melbourne and she often hosts her own parties every Thursday at 4pm (East Australian Standard Time). She is often found with her side-kick Squiblet, another Australian Club Penguin team member.

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Fun Fact: The Boiler Room

Hey guys!

As some of you guys know, the Boiler Room happens to be the most undecorated room, on the Club Penguin island. It has pretty much stayed the same, and isn’t decorated that much, not even during parties and really fun events.

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Club Penguin Blog: Community Toy Drive

Hey guys!

Club Penguin moderator – Megg; has published a new post about the holiday season a group of people from the Club Penguin Team volunteered to help out at a community Toy Drive from yesterday!

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25 Days of Gifts!

Hey guys, so for 25 days of December until Christmas you can unlock free items for members and non-members!