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ST. Patrick Day might be coming to Club Penguin this year!


I emailed the Club Penguin Support about the throwback party called St. Patrick Day Party that was being held at the Puffle Party back in 2012, the last time it was around. I was hoping for them to have a throwback party since there will be a Puffle Party this March too. Click on read more to see what they said to me.

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Club Penguin To Have Another Puffle Party Next Month

Continuing the tradition, Club Penguin will be holding their annual Puffle Party on the island next month. Megg made the announcement today on the game’s official blog.

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Club Penguin February 2016 Mascot Meetup Times For Rookie

Rookie is in Town (literally, the Town :P) for the next week, so Megg has posted meetup times for this Club Penguin mascot on the game’s official blog.

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A Tiny Bit of Trouble at the Town + New Pin!

A week has passed since Herbert begun his Laser Dancer Party at the Snow Forts so the next part of his OPERATION DOOM plan has gone into effect, this time at the Town with a new pin hidden!

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Cp Reunion Party 2015!

Hey guys! So I got lots of pictures of the Cp Reunion! Rsnail gave me a postcard twice! I saw about everyone of the first creators/developers of Cp. Well heres the pictures!

This is a picture of Rsnail clicking my player-card and sending me a postcard!

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Meeting Dj Maxx

A Long time ago, Rsnail set out a character, I remember when he did this, and the characters name was Dj Maxx.

I found Dj Maxx, after many years they plan to bring him as a mascot but not the ones were you get a stamp and a background, instead the story is that he “died” The only penguin in the game with these headphones is Dj Maxx, He also has a old town background wich is rare, and a tombstone pin, I have pictures with Dj Maxx below.


10th Anniversary Party!!!

Hey Everyone This is the 10th Anniversary party of Club Penguin!!!

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Aunt Arctic Meetup Times-Sculpture Party

Hello Everyone, So as it turns out all the blocks of ice around Club Penguin will be Ice Sculptures, and Aunt Arctic will be comming around, Remember Aunt Arctic has a rare Stamp, and She came from another party, and is here again! Click The Title of this Post, or click read more below for Aunt Arctic MEETUP TIMES!

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Club Penguin Bugs August 2014: Music Jam Emotes Still Here

What’s new, everyone?  Typically when a new party arrives, so does a few new emotes exclusively for that specific party.  The recent Music Jam was no exception.  However, now that the party is gone, the emotes are still here.  Take a look:


From my knowledge, Club Penguin hasn’t mentioned keeping them forever on their blog.  Either this is a glitch or just a minor mistake.  Enjoy the emotes while you can!

Icey Cold27

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Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 Party August 2014 Cheats

What’s new, everyone?  Since the Frozen party is far away, the Club Penguin team has released a special mini-party while we wait.  It’s the Turbo Race 3000; something Gary has been working on for quite a while.

If you check your spy phone messages, you’ll see that Gary announces his new invention at the Forts (but really, go to the Stadium).


This is what the Stadium now looks like:


The music at the Stadium has now changed to some intense racing music.  You can grab the items on the right at any time, but you might as well race your friends a bit first.  To completely finish a race correctly, you must go around in three laps.


A Go-Karter Helmet and a Go-Karter Jacket are the free items given out at this party.  Only the Go-Karter Helmet is literally free, while you need a membership to complete the outfit.  The party ends on August 6th, 2014!

Icey Cold27

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