New Wild Puffle Expedition 2015 – Walkthrough

Hey Guys FrozenZuke here, And Im about to show you how complete the New 2015 Wild Puffle Expedition!!!

You Are Given A Backpack!

A New Room!

Fish But you have to go to the Ski Lodge To get Fish, The Puffle Handler says that you need to get fish from ski Lodge.

Have a new Rod that you are able to get later.

While I was playing, This Happened. So we have to Go back to the forest.

In the forest This is a “Puffle”

Food! *Note* You can only Carry 1 peace of food in your backpack at a time.

If you use the Cheese  

If You Use the Ice

If you use the Marshmallow

If you use the Coffee

If you use the Sandwich 

If you use a Pinecone 

Well um……A Puffle Stone?

Pink Berries  

Green Berries 

Orange Berries-O’berry 

Red Berries

Yellow Berries  *Note* You are not able to choose a color on this puffle.

A New Message! We have to go back to the Ski Lodge!

We have to collect the rod!

Now We can Fish in the Pond! 

Click the pond you you get a Fish! Lets bring it back to forest were we discovered the Wild Puffles.



And Thats How You Complete The 2014 Wild Puffle Expedition On ClubPenguin.

See Ya Later!

New Secrets!!! March 2015

Hey Guys King Zuke here, I have not made a report in a while, because  I have been collecting BRAND NEW NEWS for you guys!:D

So I have seen that the “Tour Stand”, the thing to become a tour guide have been moved.

But there is a reason why?

The red box shows inside an arrow, just like the one on the left, but is being covered by a tree. This might show that Clubpenguin is up to something.

A HIDDEN RIVER!!!! This may be a possibility for a new room!

If we enter the New Ski Lodge there is a few pictures that look interesting.

Here we have a picture from the ice berg, the ice berg is tipped and clubpenguin Island is gone also there is a spaceship above.

Now there is access to the Box Dimension from years ago!

Have Fun!


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Club Penguin in Memoriam: Old Ski Lodge & Attic

March 20, 2015 Leave a comment

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Today I made a short video for us all to remember the original Ski Lodge and Attic in all its glory. We will all miss it…

Hope you enjoyed it!

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin Ski Lodge Renovated and Renamed to “Puffle Lodge”

March 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Well, folks, it’s finally happened. One of the last original Club Penguin rooms was redesigned to fit with the rest of the “modernized” look in the game. When you log in, the Puffle Handler, who hasn’t been seen in ages, has a message:


The outside of the new Puffle Lodge… I could barely make myself look inside.


This is what the inside looks like. What happened to the comfy couches? The candle? Where’s the mirror with the ninja shadow? Why does the Mullet look all weird? How come there’s a desk with a computer? And why is there a tree growing in the room? What is this, a treehouse? Why, why, why???


Alright, let’s take a look upstairs. Wow, there’s even more stuff shoved into this room than downstairs.


In all honesty, it’s not that “bad”, it’s just the nostalgia that’s overpowering. I really don’t understand, however, why there needs to be yet another room with the puffle branding on it. Also, there is a portal for the box dimension right next to buoy 10 at the bottom. Have a nice day!

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin Pi Pie and Puffle Guide Badge Pin Locations

March 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Club Penguin has hidden two new pins this week. The new Pi Pie Pin can be found in the Book Room (upstairs in the Coffee Shop).



The second one, the Puffle Guide Badge Pin, is in the newly-renovated Ski Lodge.



Have a nice day!

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin March 2015 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats

March 5, 2015 1 comment

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Club Penguin released the new March 2015 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog today. It’s chock-full of capes, hairstyles, shirts, and shoes in EVERY color! Also, this catalog probably has the most cheats in it since the old catalogs from 2011. Here are the cheats!


Rainbow Puffle Costume – Click the orange tabby cat puffle



Red Puffle Costume – Click the puffle with its tongue sticking out next to the Peach Sneakers


Blue Puffle Costume – Click the chains on the Dubstep Puffle Bling



Pink Puffle Costume – Click the blue border collie puffle’s face



Black Puffle Costume – Click the blue puffle on the Pixel Puffle Tee


Green Puffle Costume – Click the middle/right part of the Flare Hoodie


Yellow Puffle Costume – Click the Orange Tomcat wig


Purple Puffle Costume – Click the right ear on the Blue Doggone wig


White Puffle Costume – Click the Black Feather Boa


Brown Puffle Costume – Click the derpy puffle in the bottom-right corner


Orange Puffle Costume – Click the big ‘Z’


Orange Tabby Costume – Click the top of the big red puffle


Blue Border Collie Costume – Click the heart on the pink penguin’s shirt


Gold Puffle Costume – Click the left Purple Checkered Shoe


Viking Helmet – Click the purple penguin’s flipper



Blue Viking Helmet – Open and close the Viking Helmet 4 times


Told you guys there were a lot of hidden items… This is probably the most expensive catalog as well. You sure could spend a lot of coins getting all of the colored items. Grab your favorites while you have a chance!

~Lorenzo Bean


Club Penguin Space Adventure: Planet Y at the Stage

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Club Penguin’s Space Adventure: Planet Y play is being put on at the Stage for the fifth time.



The Costume Trunk is the same as usual.

~Lorenzo Bean


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