How To Become A Ninja

Ninjas have been a big part of the game since 2009, even before when penguins would dress in black. In order to become a Club Penguin Ninja, follow the steps below!

1. Use your map to go to the dojo.

2. Waddle through the door leading into the dojo and click on Sensei.

3. Sensei will teach you about card jitsu.

4. Click on “Earn Your Belts” and start playing against other penguins to rank up.

5. This will take time, advance through the ranks until you are a black belt.

6. Challenge Sensei! This is the final step of becoming a ninja, but also the hardest. He will beat you the first several times you play. However, he will make several mistakes. You must take advantage of these to finnaly beat him!

Congratulations! You’re a Club Penguin Ninja! Sensei will give you a ninja mask, wear it with pride!

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