Mascot Trackers

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NOTE: Click the name of the Mascot you want to track, a new tab will open. Only track the mascots if meetup times are posted. Also you will need to click “Penguin Standard Time” to see the current time on Club Penguin, and match the times for the Meetup Times. Mascots can be on multiple servers at once, the tracker updates automatically.

Penguin Standard Time

 Medium Stamps


Rockhopper, Medium Stamp

 Hard Stamps

Puffle Handler

Hard Stamp

 Gary The Gadget Guy

Hard Stamp


Hard Stamp

 Penguin Band

Hard Stamps

 Rare Stamps

Aunt Arctic

Rare Stamp


Rare Stamp


Rare Stamp

 Herbert P. Bear

 Rare Stamp 

No Stamp


No Stamp 


No Stamp

Merry Walrus

No Stamp

  1. dear Lorenzo beans,
    I am upset I wish I could meet Gary but its august not June! I was wondering if you could find out times for august to meet Gary and other people please?? and I don’t understand how to find everyone ??


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