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Club Penguin ‘Candy Cane Swirl’ Pin Location

Hey guys, It’s Bluemoss2 here,

Just thought that I would post where the new pin was =P

The new pin is at the Coffee shop, and it is a Candy Cane Swirl –

Enjoy guys!

Merry Christmas!!

Hey guys, It’s Both Bluemoss, and Lorenzo!!

Fist of all, we want to send out a Very Merry Christmas!!!
As you know, we would show what the Last Holiday Item would be…

As you can see Lorenzo Bean wearing, Today you get the Gingerbread Cookie Costume!!

Once again, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!!
We Hope you enjoy your Christmas!  =D

Club Penguin Christmas Eve Gift *CP Holiday Cheats*

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Click the 24 on the Gift House at the Forest for today’s gift, the Holiday Magic Background!

Any guesses as to what the Christmas Day gift will be?

~Lorenzo Bean

1 more day until Christmas! *CP Holiday Cheats*

Hey guys,

Only One More Day until Christmas!!!!
So if you open up the 23rd at the Holiday Party Gift House.

You get  The Hornament Hat :

I would say that today’s Present (Hat) is better than the last one!?!

Enjoy! 😉

Club Penguin EPF Field Op 61 Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Club Penguin added a new Field Op today. To complete EPF Field Op 61, go to the Command Room for the briefing.

Stay in the Command Room and click the big TV that monitors Herbert.

Click you EPF Phone when it rings and complete the system repair mini-game.

Collect the EPF Medal when you’re done. Have a nice day!

~Lorenzo Bean

2 More Days before Chistmas!!!! *CP Holiday Cheats*

Hey Guys, only 2 more days before Christmas!!

Today, if you go to the H.P.G.H. (Holiday Party Gift House),
open the 22 of December and –

You get The Milk N’ Cookies Pin –

This is how it would look –

Hope you guys Enjoy your present, only three more to go!

Only 3days Until Christmas! (CP Holiday Cheats)

Hey guys, it’s me again!
So there is only three days after today, until the big day!  Nothing has really changed at all except the new Present at the Holiday Party Gift House.

So, today is the 21st of Dec.
if you open it up :You get The: Sweet Treat Background –

I personally like it actually, what do you think? –

Hope you guys enjoy your new background!

Club Penguin Party 2011 *4 days till Christmas* Cheats

Hey guys, It’s Bluemoss2 again!
Well, as you know, it is the 20th today, I’m apologize that it is so late.  However, I promised that we would show what the gifts would be for the Holiday Party Gift House in the Forest.

So, If we open up the Calendar for the 20th day of Dec.

You will get The Tree Topper Hat –

I don’t know, do you think I could pull this off??!

Any way, I’ll check back in tomorrow guys.

until then Enjoy your gift! :D

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 *Additional* Cheats XP

HO, HO, Hey guys, It’s Bluemoss2!
Well, it has been forever since I last posted anything, so I thought I’d fill in the little holes that Lorenzo Bean accidentally left out,
and every thing that has been added. =D

So for one addition to the party, they have of course, added more presents from the Holiday Party Gift House in the forest!

If we haven’t opened up  since we last left off with Lorenzo Bean, we would be at day 16th.

You would get the Candy Cane Duo Pin! –

Now for the 17th, you would get a CFC Cap –

Next will be the 18th, therefore, you would get the North Pole Background –

As for today, the 19th, you will get the Holiday Stocking Pin –

Lorenzo Bean and my self will try to get on for every day until Christmas to reveal the Following prizes for the last Five days until Christmas.

Something that Lorenzo Bean forgot to mention was: if you are a member, and you can play the Santa’s Sled game,
you know that you can get the Evergreen decoration.

However, what most people don’t know is that you have to play three times, to get a total of 3 ornament body items!
(It is total random, so the order doesn’t matter, but) If you play a second time, you should get
The Cranberry Decoration

Now, as I said before, the order you get it in does not matter at all.  I personally got the Cranberry one first, and the Evergreen Following.
So, Finally, you should get The Golden Decoration –

So you Should now have the Evergreen, the Cranberry, and the Golden. (it’s a bit like the Viking Helmets) –

That is about it.  If you Find any other additional cheats other than the next few days of the calendar in the Forest, please comment on it, it would help us and others a lot.
Thanks Guys!

Club Penguin Coins for Change 2011

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Club Penguin’s annual Coins for Change has started with the Holiday Party. You can donate to any of the following causes:

  • Building safe places
  • Protecting the earth
  • Providing medical help

You can donate 100-10,000 coins at a time.

If you donate 10,000 coins, you get the Epic Volunteer Stamp.

There are Coins for Change Donation Stations at the Beach, Captain’s Quarters (Migrator), Forest, Snow Forts, Plaza, Town, and even in penguin’s igloos. Have a nice day!

~Lorenzo Bean