Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Ghost Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. As always, the Halloween Party on Club Penguin includes a Scavenger Hunt for everyone to do. This year the items are ghosts instead of candy. To begin, take a look at the book in the top right corner of the screen if you want.

The first ghost is at the Cove. Click the pile of candy and the ghost will pop out. Then click the ghost.

The second ghost is at the Haunted House (outside). Click the pile of candy.

The third ghost is at the Mine Shack. Click the pile of candy.

The fourth ghost is at the Ski Village. Click the pile of candy yet again.

The fifth ghost is at the Mountain. What a surprise, click the candy again!

The sixth ghost is at the Forest. Click the pile of candy.

The seventh ghost is at the Beach. Yes, you have to click the pile of candy again.

The eighth and final ghost is at the Dock. This pile of candy is somewhat hidden, but you still have to click it.

Now you’re finished and you can get the prize: The Candy Ghost Background.

Well this Scavenger Hunt is rather lame and disappointing. It was way too easy; all you had to do was find piles of candy and click on them, and hardly any of them were hidden at all. Also, the hints were a lot easier than they used to be. Oh well, I did notice that this year there aren’t really as many decorations for the party, it’s more of creating a spooky atmosphere, which I do enjoy. The decorations were fun when they had them though. Have a nice day!

Here’s a video of the Scavenger Hunt:

~Lorenzo Bean

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  1. there a glich at the mine its all white aand that is it HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tis true it is lame-o

  3. This helped me soooo much! Thx!

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