Monthly Archives: February 2009

Club Penguin Puffle Party/Celebration! New Puffle Furniture!

Soon this month in Club Penguin, the puffles will be able to actually interact with their puffle furniture! On February 13 (my birthday!), when you have puffle furniture in your igloo, your puffles will do stuff with it. Then there will be more puffle stuff later on February 20, when a Puffle Party starts!

puffle2I myself do not have any puffles. I find that they are annoying because they eat up your coins. So all of mine ran away haha.


Club Penguin Cool Name Cheat!

There’s an awesome new cheat where you can make a fancy, cool name! First click on “Create A New Penguin” at the login screen:


When you get to the page where you create a penguin name, put in these special characters to make a cool name: ® ™ ©


After you log in, you can see the name in the CP font:


You better get this done soon before CP fixes it (if they do). An idea I have is to make a bunch of them right now, then sell them after CP fixes the glitch. By that time, they could be months old too!

Credit to Chinsetakout for finding this cheat.

BTW, red is February’s font color (for Valentine’s Day).