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Club Penguin Cruise Ship Pin Location

What’s new, everyone?  It’s been two weeks since the last pin was hidden on the island, and you know what that means– another one!  This time the pin is of a cruise ship like the one being used to celebrate the Music Jam.

Go to the Cove:

Click “Yes” to obtain the pin:

There you have it!  Now you have the new pin and a new post by me.  Sorry if anything turns out to be weird in the format of this post.

Icey Cold27

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Club Penguin New SoundStudio Game

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Along with this year’s Music Jam, Club Penguin has also replaced DJ3K with a much better music-making mini-game called SoundStudio, which can be found in the Dance Club and on the Music Cruise. Members can record and share tracks that will be played at the Dance Club!



From the SoundStudio menu, you can listen to other penguins’ shared tracks.



To start making music, just choose a style, then add any looping tracks you want (one per column). All of these will play in time with each other as you add them; it’s actually really cool. You can also click a “one-shot” to make a sound play right as you click it.



Definitely try this out, I think it’s one of the best features Club Penguin has added in a long time!

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin Chattabox’s Puffle Park Adventure — July 15th, 2014

Thursday is tomorrow and that means Club Penguin moderator Chattabox will be visiting the island.  Last week, with Chattabox, we explored an alien ship wreck.


This week Chattaxbox is holding a party at the Puffle Park to celebrate our furry little friends.  Here are the times for the party that will be held tomorrow, July 17th, 2014, on the server Down Under:

  • 4:00pm East Australian Standard Time
  • 6:00pm New Zealand Standard Time
  • 11:00pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday, July 16th, for everyone over in America
  • 7:00am on Thursday, July 17th, for everyone in the United Kingdom

Chattabox reminds us to wear our favorite “puffle-inspired” outfit!

What do you think?

Club Penguin Updates July 2014: FILMFEST Item

Club Penguin has released a new code which enables you to unlock a new item.  You can obtain a pair of Fairy Wings by using the code FILMFEST.  Once used, the item will be added to your inventory, neck items.


This new code was officially released yesterday on July 13th, 2014.  As of right now, it is still unsure why the Club Penguin team has released the code for the Fairy Wings, or what it has to do with a film fest.

What do you think?

Club Penguin Updates July 2014: New Homepage

What’s new, everyone?  After many years, Club Penguin changed their homepage theme.  Or at least, added another one.


Essentially the video is just a snip-it of what Club Penguin is like; otherwise known as simply a commercial, in it’s own distinct way.  This display will pop up when you go to the url, and by clicking on the “Home” button will take you to the other homepage we’ve come to know.

What do you think?

Icey Cold27

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Club Penguin Stage Update: The Vikings that Time Forgot

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. The Club Penguin Stage was updated today, now featuring The Vikings that Time Forgot! There are no costumes that go with this play, but all of the others are still available in the Costume Trunk!


Have a nice day!

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin MVP Pin Location

What’s new, everyone?  Club Penguin has finally released the MVP pin for the Penguin Cup.

Go to the Cave via Mine:


Click on “Yes” to officially obtain the pin:


The pin will be out for the next two weeks.

Icey Cold27

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Club Penguin Updates June 2014: GOOOOOAL Item

What’s new, everyone?  In celebration of the Penguin Cup party, and the World Cup in general, Club Penguin has made an exclusive soccer hat for unlocking.

Go to the unlocking screen via main page and type in GOOOOOAL.

I love the code, but just make sure to type in five Os.

Icey Cold27

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Club Penguin Penguin Cup Party June 2014 Cheats

What’s new, everyone? In celebration of the current World Cup going on in the real world, the Club Penguin team has decided to jump on the hype-train.  Therefore, there is a Penguin Cup party!  You’re able to choose between four teams, so, which one will you choose and lead to victory?



Read more…

Club Penguin Prom Party June 2014 Cheats

What’s new, everyone?  Once again Club Penguin has decided to hold a mini-party like that similar to May’s Funny Hat Week.  This time, seeing as it’s the end of the school year, it’s time for Club Penguin Prom!  Throwback to old Club Penguin when people use to actually have proms.

Head on over to the Mine Shack and you’ll see the decorations:


Inside there are two free items that anyone can pick up.  One is a graduation hat on the left side of the room, where the classroom is:


You can also get your picture taken (or with your date) to remember this moment forever.  You will get a free background by doing this.


Look at me Mom, I finally got to go to prom!  I hereby declare myself the Prom King!

Icey Cold27

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