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Club Penguin Igloo Music Update

September 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Along with the new Furniture Catalog, Club Penguin added some new tracks to the igloo music menu. The theme for this music is the School & Skate Party.



Which track is your favorite?

~Lorenzo Bean

Club Penguin September 2014 Skate Park Coming Soon….

Hi Im Frozen Zuke,

I have found some great news!

Thire is going to be a new SKATE PARK on Club Penguin!!! – September 8th

Rookie packing for school – Notice the Skate Board 

Was in the coming soon section in the club penguin news paper

New skate Background NOW AVAILABLE



New Security Guard Uniform and new High school Outfit



Club Penguin Sled Racer App Development Video

August 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Club Penguin uploaded a new video to its Youtube channel, giving a short demo of the upcoming Sled Racer app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

What do you think? In my opinion, it looks fun, but the graphics seem really dated. Maybe the final release will look a bit better! Will you be getting this app?

~Lorenzo Bean

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Club Penguin Bugs August 2014: Music Jam Emotes Still Here

What’s new, everyone?  Typically when a new party arrives, so does a few new emotes exclusively for that specific party.  The recent Music Jam was no exception.  However, now that the party is gone, the emotes are still here.  Take a look:


From my knowledge, Club Penguin hasn’t mentioned keeping them forever on their blog.  Either this is a glitch or just a minor mistake.  Enjoy the emotes while you can!

Icey Cold27

LBX Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 Party August 2014 Cheats

What’s new, everyone?  Since the Frozen party is far away, the Club Penguin team has released a special mini-party while we wait.  It’s the Turbo Race 3000; something Gary has been working on for quite a while.

If you check your spy phone messages, you’ll see that Gary announces his new invention at the Forts (but really, go to the Stadium).


This is what the Stadium now looks like:


The music at the Stadium has now changed to some intense racing music.  You can grab the items on the right at any time, but you might as well race your friends a bit first.  To completely finish a race correctly, you must go around in three laps.


A Go-Karter Helmet and a Go-Karter Jacket are the free items given out at this party.  Only the Go-Karter Helmet is literally free, while you need a membership to complete the outfit.  The party ends on August 6th, 2014!

Icey Cold27

LBX Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Cruise Ship Pin Location

What’s new, everyone?  It’s been two weeks since the last pin was hidden on the island, and you know what that means– another one!  This time the pin is of a cruise ship like the one being used to celebrate the Music Jam.

Go to the Cove:

Click “Yes” to obtain the pin:

There you have it!  Now you have the new pin and a new post by me.  Sorry if anything turns out to be weird in the format of this post.

Icey Cold27

LBX Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin New SoundStudio Game

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Along with this year’s Music Jam, Club Penguin has also replaced DJ3K with a much better music-making mini-game called SoundStudio, which can be found in the Dance Club and on the Music Cruise. Members can record and share tracks that will be played at the Dance Club!



From the SoundStudio menu, you can listen to other penguins’ shared tracks.



To start making music, just choose a style, then add any looping tracks you want (one per column). All of these will play in time with each other as you add them; it’s actually really cool. You can also click a “one-shot” to make a sound play right as you click it.



Definitely try this out, I think it’s one of the best features Club Penguin has added in a long time!

~Lorenzo Bean


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