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Club Penguin Puffle Party: Day 3

What’s new, everyone?  Day three of the Puffle Party is here.  Today, you can find the new puffle-themed item at the Plaza.  



To go with the dog ears we obtained yesterday, here are some cat ones.  Sorry for such a crowded first picture.  This party sure is popular.

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin PH the Puffle Handler April 2014 Meet-Up Times

What’s new, everyone?  With the arrival of the Puffle Party, PH the Puffle Handler has also arrived at the island.  Here is what her background looks like:


Busy servers are usually a good place to look. Also look for servers that are busy that usually aren’t, as that’s a good indicator that something special’s going on, and it could be that PH is there!

Look for penguins yelling about PH and trying to get into a certain room. That means she’s either definitely there or was just on the server. However, don’t listen to random penguins yelling at everyone to go to a server that they think PH is on. 99% of the time this is not true.

Search for PH with a group of friends. You’ll cover a lot more ground faster.

Sometimes just hanging out on Club Penguin and letting her come to you works more than anything else. In fact, a lot of the times I’ve met Cadence, Gary, or Rockhopper have just been when I was doing something else, and not searching for them.

Use popular trackers from various Club Penguin cheats sites. These are only accurate about half the time because they have to be updated manually, but they’re still a good resource to have.  I recommend Riffy’s site.

There are several meet-up times as well, all the times are PST (Penguin Standard Form).


  • 4:00pm on Sherbert


  • 1:00pm on Mammoth
  • 2:00pm on Mittens
  • 5:00pm on Crystal


  • 9:00am on Fog
  • 2:00pm on Cloudy
  • 6:00pm on Wool Socks
  • 7:00pm on Rainbow


  • 8:30am on Fog
  • 5:30pm on Frosty


  • 8:30am on Fog


  • 8:30am on Fog

Make sure you get on at least 30-45 minutes early, ’cause it’ll be busy…  Happy tracking!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin Puffle April 2014 Party Cheats

What’s new, everyone?  The highly anticipated Puffle Party has finally arrived, and boy has the team proven themselves once again. Last week, Rockhopper brought cat and dog puffles to the island so in celebration PH the Puffle Handler has thrown a party to commemorate this historic event.  Remember to scroll down below for more helpful cheats and whatnot.



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Club Penguin Puffle Park Pin Location

What’s new, everyone?  Along with the long awaited Puffle Party, a new pin is hidden on the island.  You can find it at the School, or whatever it’s called.


Click “Yes” to obtain the pin:


The puffle looks like it’s having fun in water, so maybe this pin is suppose to represent the Cove’s look for the party.  The Cove looks like one of the rooms from the Teen Beach Party.  It’s the coolest thing ever!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin Updates April 2014: Rockhopper Has Docked!

What’s new, everyone?  Six days ago we talked about Rockhopper getting closer to the island, and yesterday, he finally docked!  Rockhopper will be staying on the island until April 17th, which makes for a short visit.  As of right now, no American meet-up times have been announced.

For the first time, Rockhopper greets you upon your first boarding:


Looks like our favorite mascot is just here to drop off the new cat and dog puffles.  Members will be able to adopt the puffles on April 17th, the day Rockhopper leaves.

Per usual, he has brought some rare items for us to enjoy:


Pufflescape Ball outfit is my favorite, because it looks like a lot of fun.  Unfortunately I can only obtain the Pufflescape Ball Cap.

What are you looking forward to with Rockhopper’s visit?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin Updates April 2014: BEARCUBS Item

What’s new, everyone?  In preparation for Earth Day, which Club Penguin holds dear to their heart, the team has given out a special code that unlocks a new costume.  A bear costume, that is.  Some bears — polar bear, although the item is that of a brown bear — are endangered species and need funding to protect their natural habitat.


Here is how the unlocked item looks when scrolling through body items:


Pretty much the same thing as the banner showed, oh well!  Be sure to sport your bear costume for Earth Day.  For everyone bear costume unlocked, Club Penguin will donate money to help protect National Parks.

Do you think this is a spectacular idea?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin Updates April 2014: Rockhopper Coming Closer

What’s new, everyone?  It has been confirmed that a Puffle Party is coming soon to Club Penguin.  And who will be the returning mascot this time, you ask?  None other than Rockhopper himself!

Get a glimpse of how close he is at the Beacon:


It’s always nostalgic to look through the telescope at the Beacon because I then spot the red light in the distance.  That red light has been there ever since Rockhopper’s Quest Party.  Rockhopper is my favorite!

Are you excited for Rockhopper to visit?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin April 2014 Clothing Catalog Cheats

What’s new, everyone?  The last time I posted a Clothing Catalog Cheats post was in November.  Looks like I’m not that good of a poster here as I would like to have thought.


What an interesting cover.  Anyway, the new and old (or should I say recycled) backgrounds are on the second page as usual.  The team is getting better at making cool, new backgrounds.


The first hidden item is on the girl penguin’s arm:


By clicking on the same penguin’s necklace, you unlock the secret and can buy it:


The next hidden item is on a model penguin’s face.  It is also gold like the previous necklace:


The next page has two hidden items.  One on the left side and the other on the ride page:



To find the sixth hidden item, click on The Rainbow Sweep:


And finally, click on the well-drawn model penguin’s shirt to find the last secretly hidden item:


This is one of the most colorful catalogs I have ever seen.  Obviously it’s colorful for all the different puffles for the Puffle Party, but dang.

What items are you excited to wear?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin Cream Pie Pin Location

What’s new, everyone?  I apologize for my leave of absence as it halted covering the Muppets Takeover.  The Cream Pie pin is, I’m guessing, a belated theme pin for the Muppets.  Too bad they’re gone!

Go to the Mine and look at the tall flagpole:


I didn’t get a picture of the screen to click “yes” or “no”.  Is it just me or is this pin sort of big?

Do you like the new pin?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

Club Penguin Muppets Takeover: Day 8

What’s new, everyone?  Day eight of the World Tour is here.  Today, Pepe will give you an item if you help him out over at the Dock.  Be sure to grab a friend.


It’s the return of the maracas!  Shake, shake, shake.


That’s all for today.  Remember that TOMORROW is the day that the Stage opens up.  I hear that it’s party central.

Do you like this new item?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

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